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Published 2129 days

Knot Your Troubles

Knot Your Troubles
can use this one no matter what your problem is. If you choose a color for the yarn to suit your purpose, you can fine-tune the spell to your particular situation.
All you need for this spell is a piece of yarn in the appropriate color, at least 12 inches long.

Now hold the yarn, with one end in each hand and pull it taut. Think about your problem (just one per spell, please). Concentrate on your difficult situation and start tying knots in the yarn. Visualize all your troubles getting bound up in the knots and trapped there. Keep tying until you feel it's enough.

Take the knotted yarn outside and bury it to keep your problems away.


Published 1893 days

Success spell

Success spell

Prepard for a cosmic boost from the universe when you cast this spell. Success will come to you, this spell will help you be prpared to cope with it. Cast with confidence you can handle the good fortune coming your way.

On sunday
Gather one gold ring, one ginger root as many pieces of white paper as needed and one gold pen with gold ink
Write on your paper your visions of success for your life, place in a secret place a sacred place to you. A rose quartz on top ensure that all that comes to pass will do so with love.
Then practice loving kindness act with courage to fulfill your dreams and always honor your true self.
Read your vision spell again in one year and youe vison will have come to pass


Published 2046 days

Grace spell

Whenever you experience unkindness, send a blessing to the person who barmed you, and wish for their safety and happiness. Your Grace and fortunes will increase by the power of three. For every blessing sent forth so mote it be/ blessed be.



Published 2051 days



on Friday during a waxing moon, into a deep red candle candle, carve your beloveds name entwined with your own.
~ if there's no one special in your life, or if you don't want to be specific , you can carve the word beloved.~

anoint your candle with 7 drios drops of rose oil and 7 drops of patchouli. Light the candle at 7pm for seven min for 7 nights.
Scatter the wax in moving water, and as it moves away , see it bringing joyful passion to all lovers and with the wish its powers threefold will return to you.


Published 2117 days

Herbal Protection Bath

This spell is intended to add extra protection to you personally, not your home like the two spells above. The exact amounts of the herbs are up to you. You need:

• Rosemary
• Rue
• Lavender
• Basil (fresh if possible)
• Mint
• A handful of coarse salt

Run a hot bath, and toss in all your herbs and the salt. Let the bath steep for a few minutes before getting in. Sit and soak for a while, visualizing that your body is picking up protective energy from all the herbs in the water.

When you're done, save a bit of the water and herbs in a bowl and toss it outside.

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Published 2117 days

A Financial Flame

You don't get too many candle spells for money, so I thought this would be a good spot for one. Your materials for this spell are:
•2 candles, one gold and one green
•Patchouli incense
•Pine incense
•Several acorns
•Piece of paper

On the bottom of each candle, carve the rune Fehu (show on the right). Set them up in candle holders across from each other. Set the patchouli incense up next to the gold candle, and the pine beside the green one. Light everything and get the incense smoking.

Draw another Fehu on the piece of paper, and put your acorns on top. If you can't get acorns, smooth stones would work in their place. Both represent wealth and Earth energy in spells.

Let the candles both burn down until they are completely done, and leave the acorns or stones out on the altar until some extra money comes your way.

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Published 2121 days

Magical power spell

Wear silver, keep a loving pet. Grow plants and flowers, drink dew at down.
Light a purple candle .
Then on Sunday
Go to your magical space and say:
Sight for my mind, knowledge for my heart, strange treasures unwind, let my vision start
Blessed be.
Ring a silver bell 3 times to bind the spell .