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Published 2119 days

Herbal Protection Bath

This spell is intended to add extra protection to you personally, not your home like the two spells above. The exact amounts of the herbs are up to you. You need:

• Rosemary
• Rue
• Lavender
• Basil (fresh if possible)
• Mint
• A handful of coarse salt

Run a hot bath, and toss in all your herbs and the salt. Let the bath steep for a few minutes before getting in. Sit and soak for a while, visualizing that your body is picking up protective energy from all the herbs in the water.

When you're done, save a bit of the water and herbs in a bowl and toss it outside.

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Published 2119 days

A Financial Flame

You don't get too many candle spells for money, so I thought this would be a good spot for one. Your materials for this spell are:
•2 candles, one gold and one green
•Patchouli incense
•Pine incense
•Several acorns
•Piece of paper

On the bottom of each candle, carve the rune Fehu (show on the right). Set them up in candle holders across from each other. Set the patchouli incense up next to the gold candle, and the pine beside the green one. Light everything and get the incense smoking.

Draw another Fehu on the piece of paper, and put your acorns on top. If you can't get acorns, smooth stones would work in their place. Both represent wealth and Earth energy in spells.

Let the candles both burn down until they are completely done, and leave the acorns or stones out on the altar until some extra money comes your way.

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Published 2126 days

Safe travel spell

Safe travel spell
For traveling or if a loved one is traveling .
Go to your magical space take a few moments to clear your self , then breathe in blue light. Take a silver ribbon and on a map pin the ribbon along the travers route from departure to arrival and back again. Then in a blue pouch place a silver coin one seashell leaves from a lemon tree and some earth from your home. Keep this in a safe place , and know that you or those you love will travel safely.
Blessed be


Published 2131 days

The Light of Joy

This is a household-type of spell that you use to reduce any tension that is becoming a problem and bringing in some happiness for the whole family (it works with roommates too).
•4 candles, in all different colors
•1 pink candle
•A handful of fresh basil
•Large piece of clear quartz
•Sandalwood incense

You can do this spell on your altar but setting it up in a central place of the house is a better idea. Arrange the 5 candles in a circle. Set the crystal in the center, and then pile the basil leaves on top of it. Then light the candles.

Light the incense, and carry it through all the main rooms of the house. Take your time and let the smoke spread out. Once you've done that, return the incense to the place with the candles, and let everything continue to burn until out on their own. You should find that the tension and conflict should lift very soon.


Published 2131 days

Simple Lunar Blessing Spell

This spell should be done on the night of the full moon. If you don't really have any spell-working tools to bless, you can always use this spell to add a blessing to a piece of jewelry or even clothing. You'll need:
•The item to bless
•A piece of moonstone
•Rainwater (or pure distilled water)
•A white feather

On the night of the full moon, set a dish of water on the windowsill or outside so that the light of the moon falls on it. Let it sit for about an hour, soaking up the energy of the moon. Then take the bowl to your altar where you other materials are waiting.

Drop the moonstone in the water and repeat:

I bless this water by the light of the moon,
Make it pure, make it clean, make it blessed.

Then dip the tip of the feather into the water, and tap it to knock off any excess. Shake it lightly over the item to be blessed to that a light sprinkle of water falls on it. Say:

I bless this [item] by the light of the moon,
Make it pure, make it clean, make it blessed.

Leave your item on the altar for the rest of the night with the feather and the bowl of water. In the morning, pour the water out into the ground and bury the feather. Your item is now blessed and purified.

One note: because of the water in this spell, I don't recommend you use it to bless anything that might be damaged by moisture (like a book or Tarot cards).

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